Wednesday, July 05, 2006


What happens to a person who tries so hard to hide it all?
What happens when everyone you have is gone?
Do you still search for some one to give you a hand
When you been reaching for so long?
Do you look up to the one above and ask for answers?
Or do you just look down hoping that the answer is there.
The little foot steps you took on our heart.
The sweet loving voice we heard when ever you spoke.
The hugs you gave us, ensuring that we were all going to be ok.
I feel as you where put in our lives to make a difference, now that
your job is done. You left too soon, leaving no good byes, no hugs
and no hope for the next day. You have taught us a lesson in life
even though we learned it the hard way. I thank you.
I thank you for the times, the moments, and everything you brought with you.
Rest In Peace and may all the angels bless you the same way, you blessed us.
Love ,
Class of 09
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