Monday, April 10, 2006


How do you tell the one that you love, the last thing you ever wanted to say was GOODBYE?
How do you deal with all the missed calls, the no replys and the non-loving you get?
How do you tell the one you love to move on without you, knowing you can't move on with out them?
How does a love so strong go so weak?
How do we every response to what we had, knowing that it will never be the same?
How do you let something so great, get away knowing that it was once yours?
How does love survie, knowing that in this world nothing can ever last?

Friday, April 07, 2006

The Crazy Lust

I begged you to stop, even though it felt so right.
You kept on going when I told you I was taken.
I thought about all the times you could had have me, but you didn't.
I told you it was wrong, but you said it felt so right with me.
You went down my earth, then all over the world wit me.
When I realized what I was going to loose, I cried inside
But outside it looked like I had so much pride.
When I told my one, what was wrong.
All I could get, was the last thing I wanted.
And that was the goodbye, that I never expected.
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