Wednesday, March 29, 2006


To whom it may concern,
I met u through your borther.
@ 1st we were nuthin more den da people who juss smiled @ each otha.
But as time pasted and I sat next to U, I got 2 know u, and feel how u r.
There are times U knoew we had connections dat showed we are suthin dat was meant to be together.
Their have been many times I have seen U look @ me, knowin U juss wanted me.
Their are time U gave me hints about what I should to get u close to me.
Their are times I tried ma best not to get tooo caught up in U.
Their are times U denyed wat we had.
Their times when I juss felt and knew we were more den friends.
Their are times, I juss felt dat U juss look @ me, to juss make me feel wanted by u.
I juss kno we have suthin, and we should give it a try, but I think U being da person U R,
UR goin to give up this one chance, which is to be wit me.


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