Wednesday, March 29, 2006


To whom it may concern,
I met u through your borther.
@ 1st we were nuthin more den da people who juss smiled @ each otha.
But as time pasted and I sat next to U, I got 2 know u, and feel how u r.
There are times U knoew we had connections dat showed we are suthin dat was meant to be together.
Their have been many times I have seen U look @ me, knowin U juss wanted me.
Their are time U gave me hints about what I should to get u close to me.
Their are times I tried ma best not to get tooo caught up in U.
Their are times U denyed wat we had.
Their times when I juss felt and knew we were more den friends.
Their are times, I juss felt dat U juss look @ me, to juss make me feel wanted by u.
I juss kno we have suthin, and we should give it a try, but I think U being da person U R,
UR goin to give up this one chance, which is to be wit me.


The time I gave
The time you took
The time we both spend together.
The time I took out of my life, just thinking about you.
The time you never gave me, that drove me crazy.
All the times I thought that you was all I needed.
The times I thought their was no way in life I could not go on, if you was not with me.
The time when I started loving you, was the time I knew I was going to loose you.
The time I knew it was time for me to let you go, was the time I knew that you was my one true

Monday, March 27, 2006

Sexy Love

The joy that I get when I think about you is amazing.
The love that we both have for one another is fading.
The way we started off is not going to be the way we end off.
The lovely nights and days we had together is nothing that we can never make up.
The life lessons you taught me through the loving you gave me, is all I now have left.
The beautiful songs and words that you whispered to me is what got me staying.

Is the Sexy Love you show and give that got me saying:
"He makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up
With just one touch and I erupt
Like a volcano and cover her with my love
Baby boy you make me say (Oh oh oh)
Sexy love boy the things you do (Oh baby baby)
Keep me sprung Keep me runnin' back to you (Oh baby I)
Oh I love making love to you
Baby boy you know you're my
Sexy love"


Why must it always be you who I turn out to be with?
Why must it always be you who turns out to hurt me in the right places?
Why must I be the one who try to make things work, when you the onne who was once chasing after me?
Why do I always fall for the excuses and the lies you tell?
Why do I think you are the one?
Why is it so hard for me to let you go, knowing that I am going to have to let you go in the end?
Why must it be soo difficult for me to find the one that pleases me and only me?
Why has my past gotten me to write this poem?
Why has my journey throungh life just taking a stop, because you are in it?
Why does it have to be me, I am the one you choose so why does seem like I am the who is taking in all the hurt.
Why is my love for you just going away day by day.
Why is it soo hard to find my one tru Teddy Bear?
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