Friday, February 17, 2006

gOoD lUcK cHaRm

Y is dat im always fightin u
Juss to show how much
I love U oR JusS hOw
mUcH i CarE?
wHy we always goin
down a good path,
bUt u always find
a way to mess me up.
y DO i always feel hurt
wen U r nOT around.
y ArE u LeaVin me
nOw DaT wE gOTten
So ClOse. wHY is mY
hUrT so Big?
WhY is It DaT Of
ALl Da PeOPle I
CouLD hAvE bEeN wIT
i eNdED uP wIT u?
i kNO iT mAy sEeM
sO sTRaNGe, bUt u
hAvE sUtHiN daT mAkeS
mE sO fUlL.
So iF wAt We HaVe DoN't
LaST aS loNg aS i WouLD
lIke, I kNO U bY mA sIDe
bEcuZ u R mA goOd LuCk ChARm.
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Staples Office Supply