Friday, December 16, 2005

Juss knowing that you tried so hard BUT yet U failed.
Knowing dat U gave it yr all, but YR all didn't help.
Juss knowing dat All u had was all u gave and it was
taken away, with not in return.
Knowin dat dere are so MANY people who doubt u.
Juss knowin dat if u FAIL, these are goin t0 be da
ones dat Judge you.
Knowin dat everyone is watchin yr every move
so if U fail, dere goin 2 be da ones dat bring you DOWN.
Juss knowin U tried, and U still faIled,
iS wAt KiLlz mE dA MoSt.

Saturday, December 10, 2005


Why bother tell me U want me, but yet u have her.
Why bother giv da hugs and kisses wen u r not gonna leave her.
Why bother keep me guessing about us, when u tell me y love her.
Why bother keep me waiting when you don't want to leave her.
Why bother talk about our future when you still have her on yr arm.
Why bother try to save something that was never started.
Why bother put me in the pain of wondering and guessing about us.


Why is it that when I 4get about U,
U seem to juss come back with a love song.
Why does it hurt for us to be together.
I can't be with our you, but I wonder if thats
how u feel about me.
The time we both spend together seem
to go on for soo long, and it seem so rite.
I wonder if I really want u or if I really
want wats on the outside of you.
I want to hear you say that " I am the 1"
N 4 m3 to say " U got ma luv."
H3lp m3, help U maKe A
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