Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Rose

A rose never dies until a tear touch's it.
A rose never sparkes until the dust is taken off it.
A roe never blossoms until the right moment.
A rose never turns red, if it does not have its moments.
A rose can not become a rose if it does not have its stem and pedddles for support.
I myself am falling rose, who needs the stem, the pedle, and the water to survive,
so that I can look like dis sparkling rOSe.

Saturday, November 19, 2005


Every time Im down
all I do is think of U.
Even wen im mad
as hell @ U. I
always land by U.
Da diffrence between
dis moment is U not
there. U neva dere
dese day. Thou
we have went
on two diffrenet
paths I stll find ma
self still by ya side.
I want U bac, I think
I need U bac, I know.
But Y is it soo hard
4 me and U to juss
click. Y is it hard 4 us
2 see eye 2 eye again.
Y is dat da once great
LOVE we had 4, 1 anotha
is gone. Y is it dat we can
not find our LOVE once

Friday, November 18, 2005

To Cabrini Sisters in New Orleans

Though it may seem as, all of
life has come to end. There
still is a God. Everything happens
for a reason. God plans out everything
for each one of us. God sets out on a
journey for us. It's just that your
journey had a little spill in it.
Don't give up hope because,
God is by yr side 2 all times.
From Yr Cabrini Sister
Gifty Aka Gh@N@PrInC3zZ

Life's Biggest Moments

Life Biggest moments
R da 1's we alwayz take 4granted.
For example the lil smiles we
put on each otha's faces ma
seem so small to us, but ma be
A big moment in some 1's life.
Like da lil people dat walk by us everyday
and we pay no mind to. These people
maybe the ones who ma bring a BIG
momnet in our lifes. Life is full of
so many moments dat we neva take time
to see the moments. Life most speacil moments
alwayz bring memories, that help us. Life is full of
ups and downs. We use these ups and downs as
an excuse not 2 enjoy life. lIFE biggest moments are wen
we are down on out last hope, hoping something GOOD will
juss happen. Life biggest moment is wen ALL of us come 2gether to help 1 another. life biGGest moment is wen we ALL realize dat life Biggest Moment is wen we wake ^ every mornig and we are able to walk, talk, see, breath, eat and enjoy life.
Life biggest moment are the ones we neva share wit da ones we
love becuz dey are gone.
PLZ don't let yr Life BIGGEST moment pass U by.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

HI's& Byes

My Hi's and Byes
I neva got a Hi from U
I neva got a Bye from U
bUT I sTiLl exPected SoMe tyPE oF lOVe.
I aLwAyz WaNtEd A HeLlO
or JuSs A hOw U dOIN
i NeVa GoT dAT 2.
U alWaYZ mAdE iT cLEar dAT I wAS
NeVa GoiN to GeT dA sAME tREAT me As U gAve Da
oThA oNES. u StOld Ma hI ANd NeVa GaVe It BaC.
iF i NEvA cAlLeD dAT 1 NitE, u WouLD Have AlSo SToLD ma
oNlY GoOD bYE.
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