Sunday, October 09, 2005

All I feel

Hurt is all I feel.
Da eyes of a guy hurts me now.
Da look from a guy shows me how hes gonna hurt me in da future.
Da feelin I get from him is da one thing dat I kno i need, to live,
but den da pain dat juss comes along wit it, juss hurts me.
Da frontin, da lies, da confusion. da way U seem to be wit
out yr friends. Da looks we get 4 another dat u deny, is part of da hurt.
da games, yr ways, and how u juss R, is scarin me, cuz wen I try
2 let go of yr bad ways, dose i ways is wat lead me 2 u.
u KNo da game dat U playin, but u don't kno who
U losin.
Yr games is all da hurt I feel,
U seem to be da 1 i need
to juss survive!!!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Wat 2 do???

WhAt 2 do?

When you believe in someone because you seem to care.And life seems to offer nothing But either hope or despairWhen you do a good deed but get no recompenseAnd decide to accept others when all along they were digging a hole for you that becomes more deeper, darker and dense...When you finally realize the reason to your own confusionEverything seems so surreal you can’t believe, it looks like a delusionWhen your back is up against the wall and you seem not to believe in anythingAnd Family turns into a mob of Dispute.Seperating, Fighting and Dying..Lord what to do?When your guy seems like he’s the only person in the world, but come to realize he ins’t and you seem to loose control.Friends don’t seem like friends and nor does schoolWhen you finally realize your own father was the worlds biggest fool.You want to collapse and cry but you don’t want to show your weaknessEverything your mother told you about her past was all lies and you begin to feel speechless.Hurt PAin Lust Money LovE frieNdShiP N HappinessAll seem to come from life which you seem to acceptYou want to talk to someone about it but you have your own regretsLord what 2 DO?-
By: J.cheekz ( cabrini sista)
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