Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Silent Cry

Tears drop from da side of ma face, but no 1 hears it or sees it. Dat started da silent cry. Da silent cry started around da age of 11. I always use to juss cry and made sure no 1 could see. @ da age of 13 I had mastered da silent cry. I use da silent cry wen eva I was let down by ma dad or even ma mom. I used it to block out every1 who juss didn't see da silent cry. I used to get ma mind off things. I always kept ma self busy, and neva let any 1 see da real tears. I always used lies wen some1 started to notice da real tears. I neva liked da fact of tellin some1 how I really felt, becuz I neva liked buggin ppl wit ma problems. I used da silent cry to get rid of da things ma heart wanted to let da world kno. Da slient cry is wat I used wen I noticed no 1 really cared. Da silent cry is how I have made it through soo many things these past years. Da slient cry is has become ma blanket and door I use to block out da world. Da slient cry is all I can eva use until da day I step out and cry 4 da whole world.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

New Beinnings

Today is September 1st.
This day has marked in new beinning 4 me. In a couple of weeks I will be starting in a new skool. I will be taking long rides to skool, dat will give me a chance to think about ma life. I will be takin classes dat will give me a challenge, dat will try to bring me down, but will not. I will make life chocies dat will become shockin 2 me and 2 da people around me. I will walk down da street and all da haters would juss keep hatin on and dis time I will not care. I will not use da very quote I came up with and used 4 many years. "Life sucks deal with it." Becuz life only sucks wen u make to suck. I will not have da attuide of " I don't care". I would not make a big deal out of da stupist things, becuz there are soo many things to live 4. I will not cry when I am down, instead I would turn to da Bible. I will not give up when anything bad comes along. Becuz dis year and da many otha years to come will be my year.
Please take a moment to help da people who has lost their lives and everything else due to Hurricane Katrina.
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