Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Fake Smile

A fake smile is what I have in ma face 4 people to kno dat da home I live is da best. A fake smile is what I have 4 ma friends to kno dat I am ok. I fake smile is what I have on ma face 4 da world to kno dat life does go on even wen I am hurt. A fake smile is what helps ma life goes on. A fake smile is how I hide da darkness dat I am living. A fake smile is how ma life has always been and hopefully a fake smile is wat will help me chage da ways in ma life..

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Wat Do U do

Wat do u do wen U realize the one thing u worked for may not be wat u want after all?
Wat do u do wen U realize U have no happniess in yr life 4 a while?
Wat do U do wen u realize dat da life everyone thinks is da best is really da worst?
Wat do U do wen all da faith U have is all gone?
Wat do U do wen the person who is suppose to help U solve all y problems is actually da 1 who is giving U so many problems?
Wat do u do wen U have no 1 to turn to?
Wat do u do wen all u got is yrself, but U yrself can not even stand tall?

Thursday, August 11, 2005

LiEz Ma FaThEr ToLd Me

I use to think that u were dis person who no 1 could top. I always use to wonder wat always kept you away from me. I always thought u were juss doin yr job as a man. But boy was I wrong. I juss realized that I have grown and U have missed some of da most importants parts of ma life. I realized dat even though U make thousands of dollars, U r nuthin to me in my life. There have been times were I alwayz stood up 4 wen mother was puttin u down. But dis time I would not stand, I will walk away juss as U have walked in and out of ma life 4 many years. Doh U have come bac @ times, dis time u haven't come bac. And dis time I am da 1 walkin out and trust me I will not come bac.
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