Thursday, June 23, 2005

Life as "I" know it

Dear life,
Im now at the end of the skool year. I have been coming to this building 3 years. For some reason I feel happy about leaving becuz it shows that I am gettin older, but 4 some otha reason I feel the people I have met will be in my life 4 years to come. I am now confused, sick and lost. Im wondering if I should stick to what I have had for soo many years or I should move on to something new. I miss being the only the person who eva had dis person. I miss messin wit dis person and no 1 sayin a thing, I miss the fact that people would say a thing wen I was wit dis person. I miss the chance wen I had to get wit this person. I feel like I am the biggest "ass" (NEVA) becuz this person could have been all mine if I was juss smart about somethings. I don't know if new things is what i need to help me or the old things I have had 4 years is what would help me. Im lost ,confused and sick.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Look whos in da Paper!!!!

This article appeared in the Daily News on June 9 2005. Yours truly was the only
student who was lucky enouhg to get interview by Kathleen Lucadamo. If you read this article and U think u can donate plzz e-mail Jonathan Schleifer at or donate @
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