Friday, April 22, 2005

Broken Hearts

Dear Life,
A broken heart is wat I now have. I neva thougth dat ma heart would eva become broken cuz "him". I hate seein him wit da otha 1's. I try soo hard not 2 let it get 2 me. But its soo hard wen U think U have found da right one but, U have let it go. I thought lettin him go would be soo eazy but like always Im wrong. I am now blamin ma hurt on ma Best Friend. I don't know Y, but I truly belive its cuz of her Y im hurtin. I always thought I could not move on. I have always been da type of person dat neva gave a dame about anything or any 1. But dis 1 person has caught me and is not lettin me go. "Him" not lettin me go is givin me a broken hurt and it hurts more den anything. And da 1 person dat I neva thought would lead me 2 dis pain is da 1 who have caused ma broken heart.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

2 Chris

Dear Chris,
U been da last person I eva expected 2 be wit and feel good bein wit. U changed me in soo many ways, dat I neva thought U could do . I was juss sittin here thinkin about how we were together. I neva thought U and I would eva be together da way we were. All Im sayin is thankx 4 always treatin me right and neva expectin any thing in return. Thankx 4 always puttin up wit me no matter wat the situation was. Thankx 4 always makin me feel safe, even if I didn't agree wit how u did it. And lastly thankx 4 bein who U are and thankx 4 carin in yr own special. Thank U 4 everything, U been a good boyfriend and stay good 2 da upcomin girls juss don't treat any otha girl betta den me. LoL
From "wifey"
Gifty aka Giddy

Friday, April 15, 2005

Best Friends

Always there 4 me and neva left me no matter wat!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2005


I wanted to talk to U soo bad 2day about us. I had the perfect chance to talk 2 U but I juss let it go. After dat everything went all crazy. I couldn't look @ yr face knowin it was half ma fault Y, U were mad. I was all ready yesterday 2 give U da bye bye. But 2day lookin @ U and thinkin about the wat WE been through these months juss made me want 2 stay wit U. I don't know how I can stay wit U after all U done 2 me. Even though most of the things U have done 2 me have been good things. I always knew we were goin 2 part, but I neva thought, it will be like dis. Thankx 4 everything U have done 4 me. U started of as the person I neva expected and ended of as the person I neva wanted.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Life In Da Sky

Dear Life,
Life in da sky has not been as good as it seem. These days I sit around and juss cry or Im always depressed. I don't want to eat. I don't want to talk 2 any 1. I don't know Y im like dis. Im always there physically but, through ma soul Im not there. I always feel good one moment and for da rest of da days Im upset, or juss want to be left alone. Im now wonderin is becuz ma good skool year is commin 2 an end so fast. Is it becuz Im use to gettin wat I always want and NOW im not gettin wat I want. I use to think ma life was da Clound 9 life dat neva ends. But ma life is suthin Im not even certain about no more.

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