Friday, March 25, 2005

How Do I Move On?

Dear life,
How do I move on wen I am not ready to move on?
How do I move on wen I feel as if Im gonna be da only 1 who has moved on?
How do move on wen I have soo much with me?
How do I move on wen I have people I luv wit me?
How do I move on wen I think I have found da "1"?
How do I move on wen Im juss not ready to move and have soo much @ da 1 spot dat I am @?
I guess life is about makin the long steps, dat no 1 wants to make
I guess dis is how I will move on or I will 4eva be @ da same spot.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I have read the article on the 16 year old boy who killed 13 pe0ple. Many people have soo much 2 say but, don't really know wat caused dis boy to go on a rampage.
This article I call
Lonely because dis boy was a boy who did not have much friends and was basically a Lonesome.
For more information go to
Look @ dis pic and take a look

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Another life taken.

I have read an article @ called Reservation in 'shock' over school shootings . This article is about a young boy who went on a shooting spree killing his 2 grandparents @ first then and later on goin to his skool killin one female teacher, a male security officer and four students at Red Lake High School. This has become a shock to all the people who live in this small community, but livivng in New York this might not be as much of a shock as it is to the people living in the samll community. I personal think this could have been prevented in some way, if someone paid attention to this one student who was supposly "weired".

Friday, March 18, 2005

The Wat If's of Life!

Wat if there was no light in life, then all I would see and witness is the dark?
Wat if there was no rain, then all I would have is pain?
Wat if the 1 person who I loved juss got up and left?
Wat if ma 2marow was her last day?
Wat if life was juss red and all the otha colors ment nothing, but red?
Wat if I neva got the chance to write dis down?
Wat if life ment more then if offred?
Wat if life juss ended with 1 gun shot and no 1 got 2 ask:

Friday, March 11, 2005


Dear Life,
everyhing has been good so far. There are somedays were I think I can not go on, but then I juss look @ da lifes othas and I juss become great full 4 wat God has given me. 2day(March 11 05) was good, nuthin bad has yet happen soo far in this month, but wit ma luck is only a matter of time, until suthin happens. 2day I told one of ma bestfreinds suthin thing that happened awhile ago in my life. I felt good telling her becuz I need to get it of my chest. I juss don't know how to deal with my life anymore becuz I feel that everytime I get close to suthin good or suthin good is about to happen to me I juss lose it. But dis is how ma life has been so far, so I was juss lettin you know.
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