Monday, January 31, 2005

All dat Sh*t (usin descriptive language)

Dear Life,
there have been sooo much sh*t goin on now and days. I try 2 understand. But I juss don't. I try to not pay attention to it, but I can not. I was walkin down da hall in ma skool, wen some bra, had da nerves 2 ask me Y I was not speakin to her. As always , I juss kept on walkin like I didn't give a damn. Chick came bac and ask da same dame question like I was goin 2 answer her a 2nd time. Dis time I put chick in da right place. I told her "U R juss not person 4 me 2 talk 2." She looked @ me wit her big puppy eyes and expect me 2 feel bad 4 her. I always try 2 understand baby gurl, but before I understand her , she needs 2 understand herself, cuz Im da type of person dat juss don't like to put up wit BULL. She has gotten people 2 follow along in da stupid sh*t she does. She has gotten teachers 2 baby her 4 da stupid sh*t. Dis is not da type of person who I want 2 help or even deal wit. I TRY. But it all seems as if it is not worth it, so y bother wit some1 dat does not want 2 be help. Im not givin up on dis person, but I don't want our friendship to be like a hit song, dat is here 2marow and gone da next week. I try, but U gotta try wit me, cuz U & I are in dis 2gether.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

The Angel I Am!!!
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King James
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Lovers & Friends
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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Too Short Never Enough Words

Dear Life,
I have learned a real valuable lesson a very hard way. I have learned that no one should ever wait to tell someone how you really feel about them. The reason is because you may never see the person again to tell them how you really feel. These past days have been days I never thought I will never experience in my life. I had to deal with finding out that someone I really care about had made a stupid mistake and had ended up in the hospital. Before all of this I was suppose to tell this person how I really feel , but I was too late. Nothing bad really happened to this person. Even though I got the chance to tell this person how I feel, I always wondered what if I never got to tell this person. What if I never saw this person again. My whole point of this letter is to let people know that...................................................................

Life Is Too Short And Never Enough Words To Make It Up.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Im hustle Im Im HUSTLE
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Sureeee Wat Eva

Dear who eva,
2day was ma state test. I thought it was goin 2 be hard as hell, but it was not as hard as I thought it would be. After da test ma friends and I jussed chilled. We ate, laughed around, we watched da day after 2marow and listen 2 musik. I realize 2day dat people R goin to be da way they R no matter wat U think of dem or how U look 2 dem. I realized yesterday (1-10-05) dat im real lucky to have the family and friends I have. For example ma mom spoilz me like crazy and really carez about ma brother and I. Ma friends like Juan, Infain, Jonathan, David, Dylan, Jason and others care about a whole a lot because they R alwayz there 4 me and checkin up 2 see how im doin. I realize dat im lucky 2 have these 2 otha people in ma life becuz they R always there, never givin up on me, and juss puttin up wit all the shit dat comes wit bein ma bestfriend. Those people im talkin about R Stephanie and Alicia.
Bye Bye eVeRy oNe!!

2 Ma Luv 1's

2 ma luv 1's,
Startin wit ma best friend Alicia. U and I been through sooo much. We been through things dat adults have not even been through. There have been times wen I could not even stand yr ass. Den there R times dat we both spend together helpin each otha and pushin each otha 2 da top. I remember wen I found out u were leavin. I cried and cried soo much dat nuthin could stop me. Wen U came bac da next week I knew dat life wit U in it was goin be easy. I juss want U to know dat I LUV U soooo much and don't let any1 tell U diffrent and thank U 4 for puttin up wit me and otha problems we faced to 2gether. Endin wit Stephanie. Stephanie U R da last personI eva thought I would call ma best friend or sister. I neva like U 2 years ago. But den wen I got 2 kno U , I realized dat U were not wat people said u were. U were sweet, crazy and loud as hell. I remember spendin most of ma summer wit U and us acttin stupid and makin fun of people we didn't kno. I remember wen U was da only 1 dat wanted 2 listen 2 me and not judge me. Dats wat I will always luv about U. Anywayzz I juss want U both 2 know dat im alwayz here 4 U both and will alwayz LUV U.

Friday, January 07, 2005

How It Hurts!

How It Hurts!
How it hurts 2 see U wit her and not wit me.
How it hurts that U da last person I eva wanted & now it seems like I can not go dayz wit out U.
How it hurts that now I want U.
I have lost U.
How it hurts 4 me, feelin U not in ma arms.
And seein dat Im not da 1 U want & talk about anymore.
How it hurts seein me not in yr arms.
How it hurts that we both lost each otha.
And how hurts 4 me 2 move on.

Monday, January 03, 2005

Hi It's O5

Dear who eva,
I been thinkin about new year goals. I have not come up wit any but and Im not plannin 2 becuz I juss want w/e dat happens 2 happen. Im settin standards 4 maself doh. I decided dat Im goin to be a waaaaaaaay better person den wat I was last year. I been told dat Im 2 full of maself. Which I really don't care about becuz dats juss how Im. Anyway those R a ma standards 4 O5. Durnin ma break I was very disturb about tsunami dat hit. I was soo shocked 2 see all da dead people and people juss walkin by. I was soo shocked dat, I started to cry. Even though I didn,t know any1 dat was hurt. I felt bad becuz I was havin a wonderful Christmas and New Years, while people on da otha side of da earth people were searchin 4 dere luv 1s. To everyone dat has lost some1 in the tsunami, Im very sry 4 yr lost.

Hope Every1 Has A Good Year!!!!!!!

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